In August of 1995, members of the Grateful Dead, Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart, Bill Kruetzmann, and Bob Weir, stood on a stage in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park surrounded by about 20,000 people to pay tribute to their departed bandmate, Jerry Garcia. Hart, one of the Dead's two drummers, said "If the Grateful Dead did anything, we gave you the power...the groove, you have the feeling...take it home and do something with it." Sitting in the crowd that day, I wondered if I would ever be able to convey to a friend or family member what the heck this was all about. How positive and deep this whole long, strange trip was for us. To someone who may have heard of the Grateful Dead but scratched their head as to what the big deal was. Some quarter-century later (what's the rush?), here's an attempt to do just that, with some of what my camera captured along the way.

Who Are The Grateful Dead And Why Are They Following Me?

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