With great pleasure I read (and reread) your book—It is beautifully designed and your photography compliments the text….I sense a joy in the writing especially how you capture the spirit of the music—the “wild” interpretations that combined Rock, Jazz, Blues and even Gospel—you made me feel with you the cosmic lure and burning need to immerse your being into sounds that reached unique heights...the thing is a work of art—thanks for the journey...

John Romualdi’s book holds honest, insightful reflections of his years as a fan.  Through carefully crafted sentences one is taken into a world that somehow becomes familiar without ever having lived the Dead experience. The stories unfold in a slice-of-life way that are vividly imaginable.  It reads with ease and reaches deep. It is rich with color and begs to be re-read, which is a treat because each new reading is as fresh as the first. A truly singular book.  

Tasso Katselas

The book is great...thoughtful and reflective...made me visualize and feel the whole scene. Wish I had gone to a Dead concert...but I was such a straight arrow.  I loved the dedication; the face on your dog is one of the sweetest ever.

Sherry Marks

A personal journey that has universal appeal for anyone craving simpler times, introspection, and good vibes laced with music history, neatly crafted anecdotes and surreal photographs. You'll want to read it more than once.

Janet Martell

I LOVE YOUR BOOK!!! Honestly, I could not put it down. I would love a copy for my friend Paul. Tell me when I can buy a copy so I can send it to him.  He would absolutely go crazy over it.

Marci Cohen

I never really experienced the Grateful Dead until I read this book. Carefully crafted stories and finely rendered photos of a stream of consciousness that represents the world of the Grateful Dead. If you were in to the Grateful Dead (or even if you weren't) this is a must read. Beautifully crafted. 

Lauren Richmond

A must have for any Deadhead. This book took me back to some AMAZING times in my life. The artwork is fabulous, and Mr Romualdi's stories made me feel like I was right there, the detail and energy that comes from the pages is incredible. A wonderful addition to my library. Bought several more as gifts!

Lisa Walton

Richard DeRossett

Who Are The Grateful Dead and Why Are They Following Me? is a must read, bound to become a classic of the period. Whether you were part of the movement, a spectator, or just a person curious about the counter-culture of the late sixties and seventies, Romualdi’s crystal clear writing brings to life memories that many of us lost a long time ago. With poignancy, wit, and wonderful photography, John puts the reader back on the road, which at that time seemed safe to adventure upon.

Lenore R.

The author, in creating this book, does something extremely profound and unprecedented. Instead of narrating, chronicling, or explaining his experience of touring with the Dead, he instead gives us his "experience" of the band through his own artwork: poetic prose and masterful photography which is high art in its own right. Many individual prints in this book are stunning in their own right. One can meditate on each print because they are a window into the divine. However, while the prints and the poetic prose could easily stand on their own, they collectively create a tapestry of experiences that allows us to experience the Dead in a way that is direct, pure, and mystical. This is an essential and unprecedented contribution to our understanding of the Grateful Dead.

Shil Sengupta

This book was a delight to read. The connection of ideas between the photography and each individual story added a completely new and interesting layer. Difficult to place this book in one genre, as it has aspects of short storytelling, memoir, photographic journalism, adventure, and psychedelic testimony. The short stories are told in a lighthearted way, reflecting the spontaneity and naïveté of the author at the time at which they experienced the events, but each one contains deeper meaning with applications for all people, not just die-hard Grateful Dead fans. Would recommend to anyone looking for an interesting perspective on life as a whole, or just for something fun to read! 

Nicole Chapman

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