I was introduced to the Grateful Dead at the age of 13 when a sister gave me a copy of the album Workingman’s Dead for Christmas. My first show was in Pittsburgh at the Stanley Theater on November 30, 1979…(there’s actually a story from that night on page 64:). My eye as a photographer was pretty heavily influenced by the years of getting dosed and "looking for familiar faces…in an empty window pane.." (…to quote Unbroken Chain)…and half the book is my photography. So yeah, I was a guy with a dog, living mostly in California, who loved the Grateful Dead and would look forward to happily putting the world on hold to go chase them into the musical rabbit holes they created…

–John Romualdi

There’s an expression in Spain for describing impossible things: “you can’t bite your elbow.”  It’s true.  You can’t.  That’s how it so often felt whenever I attempted to describe what was so compelling about the Grateful Dead.  It just felt impossible.  I’m guessing other deadheads can relate.  So, my hope is that through this brief dip into a stranger’s world as it was experienced in and around Dead concerts, the reader can get a pretty good feel for it all.  You don’t need to be a fan, this isn’t a book about details of the band or their music.  There are some really good ones of those already out there.  My hope is that this book can find its way into the hands of friends and relatives who missed this bus, but are curious enough to take a look. It’s not too long, it can be read in a short sitting.  I hope you and whoever you might grab a copy for, enjoy it.  

Check out this video from a recent photography exhibit.